Your Adventure

A roadtrip in a retro VW Bus is an experience like no other.  For one thing you'll love the sense of freedom and the change in pace.  You'll view the road ahead in a very different way.  Not only that but you'll probably make some new friends along the way, so be prepared to be popular!


Choose your options

Our Kombis are highly equipped to start with.  They come with all the kit you need to hit the open road.  But you may find you need a few extras to take along on your trip.  At no extra cost Max can offer extra storage over his cab via his wooden roof rack and the facility to carry 2 bikes on his tow bar mounted carrier.  At additional cost you can take along his aluminium trailer for your trip.  This is very easy to tow and is particularly useful if you opt for accessories such as an awning, picnic table and chairs, luxury chairs and sun-canopy.

These accessories are also available with Tango, but will need to be carried within the cabin. 

If you choose to add the awning option click below to see how easily it attaches to a VW Bus.


find your destination

Once you've chosen your camper and accessories it's time to plan your route and destinations.  Our Brazilian VW Bays are exactly the same to drive as their 1970's ancestors so it's back to basics - but that's all part of the experience.  Both Max and Tango will happily sit at 60mph on a motorway and can keep up with modern traffic.  But what's the rush?  We recommend travelling distances of no more than 200 miles per day.  That way you'll enjoy the journey more and have time to set up camp before your evening meal.  Our base is in Leatherhead, Surrey, so wherever you chose to go, your adventure starts there.  Handover will take approximately 1 hour, so we can really show you over your chosen camper, then it's time for your road trip to begin.

Do your research about where you want to visit and the campsites in the local area.  Always read reviews so you know what to expect and ensure your chosen locations will take campervans and offer the facilities you require, for instance: electric hook-up, showers, children's play areas etc.

To see campsites in an area you are considering click below.


put your feet up

Once you've arrived at your destination, it's time to enjoy the next part of your campervan adventure: pitching and chilling!  Both Max and Tango have a 240v hook-up facility, so if you're using this ensure you park suitably to run the included cable before you start unpacking.  Next pop the roof to create more space, install the table, sit back and relax.  If you've chosen the awning or sun canopy accessories, set them up once you've had a refreshing drink!

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