About Us


It all started when…

... back in 2009 I rented a Brazilian VW Campervan with my young son for a 4 day break.

We travelled to the South-West of England and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  2 weeks later, Max became a fixed member of our family.  A new chapter started in our lives at this point.  We realised how easy it was to pack a small bag of clothes and head off in whichever direction we chose.  A road trip in a VW Bus is as much fun as the time you spend at your destinations along the way.  It makes for quality time together.

As a long term VW fanatic, I loved the fact that Max was retro in-style and engineering to a degree, but also featured elements from modern day VWs, meaning he was reliable.  I'd wanted a VW campervan that I could tinker with, yet not sit on the driveway weekend after weekend.  Max fulfilled this role perfectly.

Soon, we met other owners of Brazilian VW Bays and it became clear that we needed to form a community to enhance our ownership of these Kombis.  In September of 2009 I launched brazilianvwbay.com - a dedicated online club specific to our campers.  Word spread fast and at present we have over 1200 registered members.

Since then we have holidayed with fellow BraziBay owners on numerous occasions and Max has led up to 12 Kombis at a time on several enjoyable trips to Europe.

Time came when I realised it was important for others to experience what fun can be had so I expanded my ownership with Tango.  My buses are not just units on a hire fleet .  They are my own vehicles and definitively have their own characteristics.  During your time with whichever Kombi you choose, I'd ask you to treat them as if they were your own too.  You'll understand why once you're under way.

Go further - it will be an adventure!